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    new mac still freezing. already sent in to apple to be fixed came back with same prob
    I bought my mac refurbished from apple about a month ago. My mac started freezing up completely. about 6 times a day. There was no damage done by me. No new programs had even been installed. I took it into the apple store and they sent it in to be repaired. I got it back a day ago and the same problem started happening again. Now it wont even boot up without freezing. My question is where do i go from here? do i take it in again? i shouldn't have to wait and keep on sending it out..or should I call apple care and request a new computer? any one have experience with this? thanks!

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    of course you take it in! Call apple care just so that they know it ahead of time. Then ask them to call your apple store and let them talk to the managers about getting a replacement. Get the case number so you can have it as back up. There should definitely be this many problems!

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    Take it to your local Mac Genius instead.

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