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    Hello all!

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a USB adaptor to help pick up an internet connection in my house. The situation is that I'm renting a room in a rather large house, and although I'm allowed to use the wireless internet (I swear, I'm not stealing! ), the signal is very weak in my room. Getting a new router is kinda out of the question (since it's not mine to begin with), so I've got to figure out a non-intrusive way of extending the signal to my room, and ideally, I'd like to spend less than $100.

    I picked up a Netgear RangeMax USB adaptor, thinking I could find a third-party driver to run it - that search came up fruitless. So I'm returning that - in the mean-time, is there anything anyone could recommend for my situation?


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    this works well i use one for my mini and it gets a great reception. more than doubled my range on my mini.

    however it if were me i would pick up a cheap linksys router from craigslist or something preferable a wrt54g and these have been out forever and are easily found. i just picked one up for a friend for $20. then go here and enter wrt54g or whatever you get that works with the DD-WRT firmwares and flash your firmware to theirs. there are many to choose from and great guides and instructions on that site. READ FIRST to be sure you have the proper instructions for your specific router. these are firmwares that GREATLY extend a routers range and capabilities. i have been using them for a long time and they work great. with this new firmware on your router you can easily change it to a repeater.

    these firmwares are far superior to any manufactures firmware and open up all kinds of functionality like easy repeater choices and setup to cranking up the range power well beyond the standard settings.

    hope that helps
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