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jsb515 03-07-2005 08:50 AM

ibook battery
I just ordered my ibook and waiting for it to be delievered. I have some simple and probably dumb questions.

Whats the best way to charge the battery ? charge till full and use it till battery gets way low and then charge again ? If im near a wall outlet should I just plug in the ac adapter charger and use the ibook or should I just like above wait till battery gets low.

In short whats the best way to get the most out of the battery without having to buy another for a long time ? :bomb:

amartins02 03-07-2005 10:17 AM

Err, um, I don't have an apple but, I would assume it is the same for a pc. Charge it when you get it and when you use it on the go put it on power save settings and then sleep mode after a minute or so of non use (if they have these features). Also if your not using wifi shut it off (if you can). And drain your battery as much as possible then recharge. Hope I am right on that and not making matters worse. :)

Mr Bobbins 03-07-2005 12:28 PM

The battery in ibooks are lithium-ion so don't let it go completely empty as this is not good for them, as soon as the low power screen comes up plug it in. Their is no memory effect with this sort of battery so you can plug it in whenever you like and the battery will last about 2 to 3 years because their is a metal plate in it which in the end will be eaten away so you might as well use and enjoy, save some money on the electricity bill and buy a new one when needed.

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