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Thread: ibook for me>..

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    ibook for me>..
    well i plan (in 9 months and 20 days) to buy an ibook or a powerbook

    im going to be using my laptop for school papers,listin to music,taking it on vacation and some internet surfing and im pretty sure i'd have not problem doing that on an ibook ,but i have an imac G5 1gig ram and i would like to know if the difference between my G5 imac-1.8ghz with 1gig ram and a G4ibook-1.2mhz 768mg would be able to be easily noticed or shold i go with a powermac G4 512ram with 1.5ghz

    im planing ahead so i have a lot of time to think it over

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    I don't think there would be much difference. The iBook (which will no doubt be upgraded within 9 months and 20 days) with 768MB would suit you fine. The more RAM the better, so a PowerBook with 1.5GHz and 512MB RAM would probably feel slower than an iBook with 1.2GHz and 768MB RAM (despite the differences in processor/bus clock speeds.)

    Just see what the next 8 months bring. It isn't until the last month that you need to start *really* planning.

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