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Thread: Key wear

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    Key wear
    This sounds silly and all, but I got my PBook last Monday the 28th and I have been off work the entire week playing. I think I have spent more time on this machine than any other machine in my house and that includes the first time I tried AOL in 1995.

    On that note, Has anyone noticed wearing on any of the keys (for me the right side of the space bar)? It is not real noticeable, but if the light falls on the pbook right you can see it. This is the key I press with the side of my thumb while typing.

    My KVM switch is on the way where I will then stop using the PBook so much unless I am in school. Anyway, should I care about this or buy something like the iskin keyboard cover? (I use the RadTech screensaverz little blanket thing to protect the LCD).

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