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    External Cleaning
    I'm a new iBook user, and one thing that concerns me is keeping the shell a clean, attractive white. Are there any tips or tricks (besides keeping your hands clean) that you all would recommend?

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    Just clean it regularly with a lightly damped cloth (I use half water, half isopropyl alcohol) it doesn't get really dirty ..if you smoke..dont smoke around it cause of bovious reasons..but there's nothing to really worry's not worth trying to keep it from getting scratched cause no matter what it will happen..

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    you can also get a "sleeve" booq makes a nice one Link.

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    If you have tougher stains on your 'book (I noticed the palm rest area loses its white finish after a while) use Mr Clean magic eraser.

    It makes your iBook look as good as new again!

    I'd also get a skin... I use a Tucano Second Skin but any brand will do...

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