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Thread: Powerbook 12" - I want to make it perfect

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    Powerbook 12" - I want to make it perfect
    I have just bought a barebones Powerbook, well when i say barebones, i mean 1.33GHz, 12", 1.25GB (i added a gig chip when i got it), 60GB, Combo.
    I wanted to know how easy it is to upgrade the components. ALSO, i need a half decent laptop bag to carry it around with me.
    Let me know on what i can do to upgrade it and keep it safe....

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    Get a booqbag vyper case for your powerbook ( and put that in a backpack/rucksack. Laptop bags stand out too much and are likely to get stolen (especially in some of the seedier parts of London.)

    Upgrading anything but the RAM and installing an AirPort card will void the warranty, I believe. People on this forum have put larger/faster laptop hard drives in their PowerBooks, but notebook computers aren't really that upgradeable as far as processors, drives, and graphics cards go.

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    Jan 27, 2005
    Maidenhead, UK
    Thanks for that. I will wait for the Vyper XS to come into stock, and grab that, looks cool, and it will fit inside another rucksack, etc.
    Thanks again

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