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    Macbook Pro Screen Won't Power
    I have a 17-inch Macbook Pro and the screen has suddenly stopped working. I was using it 20 minutes prior with no problems at all. I did not drop it or damage it at all. It is solid black, no type of power on it at all. The keyboard still lights up, caps lock and i can even hear the volume when i push the button. The front light (on the button you push to open the macbook) looks dim as though it is in sleep mode..when i close the computer it gets's almost as though it's in reverse. I have tried reseting the PRAM..and the whole turn off, unplug, remove battery and hold power button for 5 seconds but no luck..I would rather try fixing it myself before having to go to the "genius bar".. please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions.. thanks so much!!

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    Several things to try:

    First, reset the System Management Controller (SMC). See Link.

    If no joy after doing that, try hooking your MBP to an external monitor (if possible) to see if there is any video getting out. If no picture is displayed on an external monitor, it's probably time to make an appointment with your local genius bar at the Apple store. Your MBP GPU may have failed.


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