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    Screen has gone dark in under a week help!
    My new iBook - about a week old has dimmed the screen - can't see why I haven't changed any settings and it's the same whether the power is plugged in or not...was okay last night, when I booted up this morning - very dark screen...anyone help ... neye:

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    This may sound stupid but did you just brighten with F2? and also if it's on energy saver it goes darker if you dont touch it for like a minute..

    but if it's a problem a light might have burnt out..send that badboy back if you can't fix it yourself...just return it fully and buy a whole new one if it's been under 10 days i think?

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    rather embarassed now- yes the F2 just worked...thanks...!

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    Lol! That happened to me, once, a long time ago...

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    I posted up last night on the forum I use for my motorbike here in the UK as there are a few Macheads on it and got this rather amusing link back...!Pretty sure I fit the bill...

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    That's pretty funny cause in some cases that's true..but it goes for Windows users as well..Once a new iPod is announced they flock to the stores and buy it..

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    In London it has become extremely common to see the white headphones on every second person on the Tube, Trains & buses...

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    Yea, everytime I go to the Regent Street store, most of the people queuing up to buy things are just buying earphones! The earphones probably cost more than their MP3 players too, lol. When I get an iPod soon (still can't decide between 1GB Shuffle and 4GB Mini), I'm gonna be using my black Panasonic earphones instead. Those white iPod ones are asking for you to be mugged I tell you!

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    Haha, that link is funny but true...

    mangoSharingan, get the 4GB Mini.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mangoSharingan
    Those white iPod ones are asking for you to be mugged I tell you!
    The iPod ear phones are one of the best things about the product as they have Neodymium transducer magnets in them but your right as muggers in london are apparently on the look out for white ear buds. :ninja:

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    hahahah i had a good laugh at that

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    As good as neodymium is..there made right earphone blew a month after i got it and then the left went about a week after..the white wrapping actually loosened and the red and blue wiring is exposed..that's what made me get my new mini cause if i was paying 40 dollars for new earphones i might as spend $160 (actually it wasnt a good reason..i just had to make up one so id feel better about it lolol)

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    I love the ipod headphones, best sound i've heard. I'm cheap though so they are probably the most expensive hedaphones i've ever owned. I use them all the time except when downtown Los Angeles then i switch over to a black pair.
    They Live :alien:

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