I need to replace a fan in my 1.5 GHZ 12" Powerbook G4.
Where can I get a great replacement fan? (TOP NOTCH OEM or better truly - no bs)
Anyone here with personal experience?

I've read online repair manuals and watched videos. I don't mind the task but would like a TOP NOTCH fan. Do they exist?

Apple replaced it under warranty less than a year ago. I told them then that it was oddly noisy and giving off soot. I ended, by their suggestion, getting a second opinion from a large authorized certified agent of Apple, within 1 month of Apple's repair. The agent said my powerbook was fine. I accepted that and lived with the noise and soot. They were wrong. Apple care now tells me they'd gladly replace it again. I have lost confidence and never like paying anyone twice for a job poorly done. Sometimes it feels as though some of apple repair parts don't meet OEM standards. The fan they pulled out after 2 3/4 years use, was absolutely better than this one was 4 months after use. I am reasonably certain I'd be better off today had they not replaced the OEM fan. I wish they would have sent me the fan they took out.

Open to your thoughts on any of this.