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Thread: Apple VP: G5 PowerBook a matter of 'solid engineering'

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    Post Apple VP: G5 PowerBook a matter of 'solid engineering'

    Apple VP: G5 PowerBook a matter of 'solid engineering'
    September 18, 2003 - 11:37 EDT Jon Rubinstein, Apple's senior vice president of hardware engineering, told Macworld UK that the possibility of a PowerBook G5 was simply "an issue of good, solid engineering." He said, however, that the current crop of G5 processors are designed for desktops, and that a cooler-running version of the processor would be needed for a PowerBook. But Rubinstein did point out that a few years ago, no one thought it would be possible to get a G4 processor in a PowerBook.

    My Comments: Well that answers a lot of the questions people have been having.. it's just a matter of time

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    Thats cool, and we did get a G4 in a powerbook.. along with a thinner case If they keep that up we will have paper thin powerbooks sporting g5s

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    that would be awesome. especially sitting next to a 2" thick Dell, which would be their thinest

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    A G5 Powerbook or even a G6. Now that would be tight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murlyn
    What's a G6?
    Next years 10GHz 128-Bit Processor


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