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    New 12" PB - Little Rubber Pads on Screen
    Just got my new 12" PB last week and noticed today that when the lid is closed, the left side of the screen (the little rubber pad) does not rest flat like the other side does. It's very close, but not touching. Is this normal for other PB users? Just wondered.

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    mine are both touching

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    i wouldn't worry about it. the ibook is much worse with that and it doesn't affect the screen of the locking mechanism

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    Brand new PBook here. My two pads do not touch the pbook when closed at all. Everything is even, but just not touching. I never thought twice about this. My guess is that the pads would prevent the lcd from touching the keys if pressure was applied to the top of the book when closed. Who knows. Maybe it is a defect, if so I want to know so I can have it looked at.

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    Yeah, it's probably not a big deal - just thought I'd mention it. Everything is even on mine as well. I just wanted to hear from other PB owners to make sure I wasn't the only one. I'm not gonna worry about it.

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    my first order both feet touched.. my replacement - only one touches.. i think its the way the hinge was assembled

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    Thoes lil feet are only there so that if pressure is put on the notbook the screen does not lay against the keys and to keep things a little more snug.

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    This is the most picky discussion I've heard on the forum lol... I questioned small things like that too when i first got mine... My problem was my f2 key was bend at an odd angle so it stuck up a little compared to the others... so I bent it back into place with anger ( I wouldn't recommed doing this). Just go to an apple store and use the genious bar... they're great there.

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