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    I just bought an Ibook G3 for 50$ from a guy across the street from me and he gave me everything that is included with it and all the installation CD's the only problem is that the latest one is 10.1.5. I wanted to know if I can upgrade the RAM in it and also if I can run Tiger or Panther on it if I max out on Ram because I am having quite some problems on it like I can't download any browser that will support Flash, and I can't really be upgraded to anything "new" also Java has some problems running on it, the browser I am running right now is Netscape even though it has been discontinued it is the only one that will install and run smooth.

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    I couldn't find much info on that particular model iBook G3 but according to Mactracker you can install Tiger. (OS X 10.4.11) Maximum memory is 640 MB. You can also find some info at this site. Link


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    I typically avoid installing Tiger on G3 machines. But if it's one of the faster ones and you max out the RAM it might run alright. Just don't expect great video playback.
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    What are the specifications?

    If you max out the RAM nevertheless, you can run Tiger 10.4.11 pretty well. Or maybe 10.3.9 if its a bit low on the hardware.
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    my iBook G3 900MHz with maxed 640MB ram runs Tiger just fine. i was even able to get iPhoto and iWeb from iLife 06 running on it as well as Pages and Numbers from iWork 08.

    as mentioned earlier the video isnt going to be that great.
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    Well, since it has 32MB VRAM, I would go with Tiger, but as others have said, don't expect great video performance. Definately max out the RAM, which would be 640MB. If the previous owner never upgraded the hard drive, I would also recommend getting an external drive for music and things of the sort. It would also be advisable to get a Firewire Superdrive if the computer doesn't have a DVD drive, as a DVD drive is required for the installation of Tiger.
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    Yeah thanks I am ordering RAM right now I made sure it was the right type and I will order Tiger when I get the money thanks again.

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