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Thread: I need help :)

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    I need help :)
    I recently acquired an iBook G3 Dual USB running OS9. A friend of mine gave me a disc to update it to OSX and it all installed fine, but now it won't read any disc that I put in and it won't install any programs. I am not brilliant with computers so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Unfortunately, you can't use just any old disc to update that machine to OS X. That is a "pay-for" upgrade, much like it costs money to go from Windows XP to Windows Vista.

    Additionally, OS X requires greater system resources than OS 9 did. So, unless you have adequate memory and hard disk space, you may encounter unanticipated issues. That machine is really quite old, so unless it's been upgraded, you may just need to nix the idea entirely.
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