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    misaligned screen
    Does anybody know anything about 12" ibook screens becoming misaligned where they close slightly to the side, but still hold shut and work fine otherwise? I've heard of one other person with this issue and was wondering if it's common or not.

    Also, can this be fixed under warranty/applecare?

    thanks a lot :teen:

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    Never heard of that issue before and I guess the warranty would cover it so long as it hadn't been dropped, I mean if it's got scratches on the other side then it would be difficult to prove that it hadn't !!!

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    i read on a forum who had this problem and i don't think his warrenty would cover for him, and it wasn't his fault, it was already like that,

    i don't think it is a common problem, u would be very unlucky if u got that problem.
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    Wow, that would really suck. But I can't imagine Apple being difficult about it, if it really wasn't the persons fault. If it's a manufactures fault then they will fix it.

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