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    Could this be an issue
    I have a case that is called "The Glove" I got it from I was wondering the other night while my pbook was in sleep mode (I have not shut down yet) I barely tapped the little spring button on the front and my screen popped open barely and woke the pbook. I wondered if sticking the pbook in sleep mode and then putting it in the glove sleeve would I be in danger of waking the pbook by it hitting that little button? I do not want to open the glove yet until I know that it is going to work ok. Last thing I need is to get to school and find out I have 1/2 the battery life because my pbook was woken up on its on. People have said they travel with their notebooks in sleep mode, I am questioning whether or not that is a good idea.

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    Well I travel with my iBook in sleep mode and haven't really had any problems yet...

    Besides: You can always set it to sleep after a few minutes of inactivity, so even if it did pop open it would go back to sleep and wouldn't deplete your battery.

    But again I've never had it pop open whilst in its sleeve...

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    I don't see this as much of an issue. I have MacCase Sleeve and this isn't an issue, as the release button is no where near where you can get your hands when the iBook or Powerbook is in the sleeve.

    What type of sleeve is this? Is the release button accessible when *in* the sleeve? If so, I'd suggest a different sleeve, because mine gets knocked around a lot(well not knocked, but tapped) and I'm sure could be a potential problem.

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