Ok so for the past few days i have been having a battery issue on my 2008 santa rosa MBP.

Issue 1. The battery life has seemed to dwindle day by day macbook pro battery was replaced back in February of 2009 for a dead battery, new battery started out at 5600 mah now it is down to 5383 mah with in just a few months total of 11 cycles on it. Is this normal for the battery to drop this low in a matter of a few months with only 11 cycles on it?

Issue 2. The battery will charge to 99% and stop with the light on the power cord staying amber, once i remove the power cord macbook pro displays 100% charged, if i replug the power cord back in goes back to amber and says 99%. Is this normal?

Other than battery issues Mac runs great, knock on wood.