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vivi77 05-17-2009 05:44 PM

needed to install an "internet card" inside my ibook
I bought an Ibook G4 12" back in may 2004 and I always used it with dial up (yes dial up), so a few weeks ago I decided to take it school and use the wireless internet from school. I realized that my ibook never came with the airport installed so I will have to buy it separatedly.

Now this is my problem/question, I went over the Apple store and asked the sales person if I needed an airport to connect from school, and he said I not only needed an airport but I also needed to install an "internet card" inside my ibook which could only be installed from an internet provider such as AT&T.
But if I use the internet from school I don't need I plan cause I pay for it in my tuition so I don't wanna waste money on a plan.

Was this person right about the internet card?

Please someone clarify this for me.

Thank you sooo much


Strimkind 05-17-2009 05:56 PM

G4 iBooks use the Airport Extreme card and IIRC all iBook G4s came with one installed.
You may have just disabled the card to save battery while using dialup. Check that the Airport is active under system preferences. If that does not work, check "about this mac" which can tell you if one is installed using the 'more info' button.

As for this 'internet card'. I doubt he knows what he is talking about.

To connect to your wifi at school you will just need the airport card. If you only have wired network at your school (some still might) then you can just use the ethernet port next to the modem. You should not need a cable modem or any other such peripheral to connect to the network at your school.

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