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    Problem with backlight on lcd on my MBP
    Hello, I just recently ran into a problem with the backlight on my MBP and I hope someone out there can help me. Yesterday, during a thunderstorm there was a power surge, and the backlight went out on my lcd. I know it didnt break however, as when I turn it on and it boots up, the backlight works just fine, but when my desktop loads up, it just turns off. I have tried pushing f2 to brighten the screen, however that doesnt do anything, does anyone out there have any ideas of what my help?

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    The power surge may have damaged the backlight or the inverter which powers the backlight. It's also possible the controlling circuitry may be damaged. It's difficult to trouble shoot that kind of problem without actually changing out the backlight and or the inverter. And as I said above, that may not be the problem.

    Is your machine still under warranty or Apple care? If it is, take it on in to Apple and have them look at it. I really do not know if electrical surge damage would even be covered under the warranty.


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