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    Question enabling audio in safe mode?
    My Powerbook G4 has recently been experiencing huge problems. It can no longer start up in normal mode (I get the normal grey start up screen, then either a blank blue screen with no cursor, or another grey screen with lines all across it).

    I've been able to start up in Safe Mode.
    I've fixed all permissions.
    I've verified the harddrive (no fixes needed).
    I've zapped the PRAM.
    I've done the fsck thing (no fixes needed).
    I've created a disc image of the hardware test, and got an "invalid memory access at %SRR0: 00032ed8 %SS1: 003030" message.
    I don't have the start up discs with me as I'm current traveling and didn't think to pack them.

    For the time being, I'm running the machine in Safe Mode, but only until I can get it looked at by a pro. The trick is, I'm currently traveling and won't be in any one place long enough to have it looked at for several more months. So the question I have is this:

    Is there any way to turn on sound when running the machine in Safe Mode?

    I know that's kinda the point of safe mode, but nothing else seems to work, I don't have any start up CDs with me, and I'd really like to listen to music on my machine in the meantime.

    I thought I'd post this hear as I seem to stumped the minds at discussions/


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    Like you said, that is the point in Safe Mode.
    I do however understand your trouble because I'm in the same situation.

    The way I get sound is by using an external sound card. The driver for it doesn't show up in the System Preferences However you can rout the output there using an Application called Soundflower.

    Here's the link.

    Once it's installed you'll need to go to the SoundFlowerBed application and choose where to rout your audio at the top of the screen.

    This will only work if you're using a USB soundcard!!
    You can usually pick cheap ones in most electronic vendors.

    Good Luck!

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