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    I want a mac laptop to develop for iPhone

    I want to start developing applications for iPhone. I quickly found out that I absolutely need a Mac to do so.

    This is a great opportunity for me to finally buy that Mac I've been wanting for years, but I don't know what to chose. I have come to your forum for advice on what I should buy.

    I need a Mac, preferably a laptop, that can support the iPhone SDK. I don't care about games or other stuff, I just want something that will get the job done and no more.

    I'd like it to be lightweight if possible, so I can carry it around. I am also very open to buying a used or refurbished laptop. My primary concern is price. The cheaper, the better. Maybe a 1 year old Macbook Pro would do the job better than a refurbished MacBook, I'll trust your advice on this.

    Considering my limited need (iPhone SDK support), what should I go for? MacBook, MacBook Pro, Used, Refurbished, what model?

    Thank you very much for helping me stepping into the Mac world.


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    If you want to go for the cheapest one, a refurbished MacBook should work fine with the iPhone SDK.


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    This is the reason I made the switch and My MacBook 2.0 uni upgraded to 4gigs of ram handles everything I have thrown at it. Now to be honest none of the three apps I am working on require any video editing so that is something you may want to keep in mind.

    But on the upside I have used it to capture and edit a lot of home movies and had no problems.

    Good luck on your new venture.


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    I use SDK in my old 17" MacBook Pro and it was great. You should be able to handle just fine using 13" Macbook. But if you have spare money, go opt for larger 15" screen. It's more convenient using SDK with larger screen.
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    Thank you all for the replies. If anyone is keen enough to share any additional thoughts, I would gladly hear them.

    I had a look at "officially" refurbished Mac by Apple. I can say that the price is quite daunting, for refurbished hardware. From 929 an up. I'm looking at this page: Refurbished Mac - Apple Store (U.K.)

    Perhaps I'm not looking at the right place?

    I have seen great price on both eBay and Gumtree. It seems like I could get away with a MacBook with ~2GHZ, 2GB ram and screen size of 13 or 15 for something between 400 and 500. That's the kind of price within my reach.

    Indeed I could go for a 15", as it's easier of the eyes when you write code. But I could always connect an external monitor to the laptop. I have two 21" wide-screens on my desktop. Therefore, I'm more tempted by the smaller and lighter 13" mac book to which I can hook a bigger screen when I need it.

    Again, thank you all.

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    eBay is probably the best place to get used 15" Macbook Pro that meets your budget. 2Ghz and 2Gb of ram is good enough to write a SDK program. That 15" MBP can be hooked up also with your 21" monitor. You should be ok. If you want to get a Macbook, get the white one for 719 pounds. Its brand new. But again, check eBay first. You may get it for less there.
    Mac Specs:
    2.93 15" MBP 8GB 256 SSD / 3.06 iMac 24" Early 2008 / iMac G4 1.25Ghz 2GB RAM / iPod touch 32GB 2nd gen / BB Bold.

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