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    Question CD-RW DVD Drives for iBook?
    Is it possible to take out a generic CD drive from an iBook (G3 OR G4?) and replace it with a different one? Is that expensive? Would I save money just buying it with a write drive? I want to Write CDs and play DVDs, but I think the best I'd get is a DVD write drive...But I might just buy the iBook first, and wait for the extra money for a drive, but only if its inexpensive...^^ What do you think? I'll be buying from so people know what prices I'm looking at.

    looking at 600+ (speed) models.

    Thanks :radioacti

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    its fairly simple, and should be cheap enough. it also depends on how experienced you are with hardware. internal optical drives are pretty cheap online.

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    well, I know how to install a hard drive on a PC and I've helped take a PC apart before, so if I have a manual or online guide then thats not gonna be a problem.

    I don't suppose you can switch a G3 processor for a G4 in an iBook could you? >P I'm so silly!

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    Forgive me if Im mistaken but doesn't the CD drive have to be of an expectable type otherwise the apple programs will not burn to it ?

    As for the G3 to G4 ibook processor upgrade, it's not an option with the ibooks only with the power macs and some imacs. It would be nice but I think the processor is just soldered to the motherboard so making an upgrade card would be a bit tricky.

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