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    battery problems
    just got a brand new 17" powerbook..the first time I used it, i let the battery drain completely, and then let it 'try' to charge back up completely, but it is not charging at all...the green light at the end of the power adapter lights up as if it is charging, but the battery for some reason isn't taking the charge. the test button on the back of the battery wont do anything either. (doesnt it usually light up when you press it?)

    anyways, wondering if anybody has had this happen, and if so, what was the cause, solution?


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    well i had this problem myself..but it was amost a year after i had my 17", my solution was going to my local apple retail store where i bought it and had them order me a new battery for free
    the only thing i can think of is let the battery total drain till the machine actually shuts off not going to sleep. then unplug the battery wait like 5 mins maybe...put it all back together and try to charge with the laptop off.

    when mine started to go i was able to get it to charge once in a blue moon if i had it plugged in and then attached the battery either on or off...when on it would show charging when off it would show by the test lights on the bottom

    best of luck to ya...worse come to worse...take it back and have them give you a new battery

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