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Thread: iSight light on occasionally at boot

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    iSight light on occasionally at boot

    My friend has a MacBook, I don't quite know the specs, but it was the last one before the unibody ones came along, and it has 2gb DDR2 ram, occasionally he will boot it up, and the light on his iSight is on, and it stays on until he shuts down, and then switches back on (a reboot won't do).

    When the light is on, he cannot use the webcam, but it works fine when the light is off. Its not a major problem, it just irritates him (although for me it is fun to see something wrong with his MacBook, as he likes to make fun of my slow old iBook G4).

    Any help for this issue is appreciated.


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    Try resetting the PRAM - Start MacBook by pressing power button;
    and hold down Command Option P and R buttons at same time and hold until you have heard the start chimes 3 times, then release all buttons and let it boot up.

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    I'm having the same problem. iSight light comes on at start up but only shows up black when using photobooth or video chat. After resetting PRAM everything works fine. I have reset PRAM twice this week and once before about 3 months ago. What causes this?

    !3" Black Macbook 2.16 GHz 1 gb memory running SL 10.6.2.

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    I think I would start looking at what is using your web cam at start up. First thing that comes to my mind is, somebody is watching you without your permission. There might be a program running in the background. Is this computer from a school by any chance? Check the activity monitor for anything that looks suspicious, also check if there is anything in your login items that is launching at start up.

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