Hey all,

This is what i'm wanting to do. I currently have stock 300Mhz iBook with 64MB RAM, im throwing 512MB RAM into it, and also im going to be using almost every part of the iBook's HDD as virtual memory, just enought to have the operating system on it. Everything else is going to be stored on my 120GB ext. USB HDD.

What i want to know is this going to be sufficient to run OS X smoothly, nothing fancy at all, just word processing and internet surfing with my cable connection and linking on my wireless lan at home for printing and so on.

So yeah, if you could just give me your thougs on its ability to handle OS X with those specs i would really appreciate it, thanx!!!

Ciao, Dave...


(If you guys have any advice or knowledge of overclocking or getting maximum performance out of it i would love to hear of it, thanks again).