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Thread: Unobody 2.0 v White 2.4

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    Unobody 2.0 v White 2.4

    I've just trade in my year old white 2.4 for a unibody 2.0 due to the caseing on my white Macbook cracking three times in the past year (I got a full refund and just paid the extra 96).

    Have I got an 'equivalent' or will I notice a slower Macbook with the 2.0 processor? I know it has better graphics and looks better, I'd feel better though knowing I hadn't just got better looks and a slower product for my extra 96.

    Also, are Apple bringing out new Macbooks in the summer when Snow Leopard is released, or will they be the same spec, but just with SL installed?


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    as far as Snow Leopard, people can only speculate, but it is possible they will being out a new model, but that's still a few months off, if anything

    as far as performance goes, you will find out yourself if it feels slower or not, overall the computer has better components and is up-to-date so it really depends on what you use the computer for, if you need the extra processor power, but keep in mind that the computer isn't only as good as the processor

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    The new MacBook will certainly be faster. The .4 difference in processor speed is irrelevant when you consider the much superior video card, DDR3 RAM, etc. Depending on what you use it for, it should show a noticeable performance gain.

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