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    White Macbook: Can't connect to wifi, AND isight problem!
    My friend has a white macbook (running tiger) and when she came round today she tried to connect to my WEP protected router and got an error message. I connect fine on my leopard mbp. Also, when trying to use photobooth, all she got was a grey image instead of what the isight is seeing. It's very strange. She hasn't done a software update recently, and these problems have only just occurred today. She has tried restarting to no avail.

    Help! Does it need repairing?


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    Connecting to your WEP protected router may just be a matter of her selecting the correct network (SSID) and then enter the password you have setup in the router. Check all her airport settings: Make sure she is using DHCP and has the DNS addresses entered right.

    A note for you: WEP is not a good method of protecting your wireless network as it can easily be compromised. Password entering can also be troublesome depending on the particular router being used. If possible, use WPA or even WPA2 to protect the network instead.

    Can't tell you much about the iSight.... did it work before?


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    make sure your router is updated. the isight cable might be loose. do a quick search for both and you'll see a few answers that helped me a while back.

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    MacBook - that is with built in isight camera i think - when you select ~iChat/Video/Video Preview what do see then? That will confirm if iSight is working

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