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    Macbook Pro: non removable battery?
    Hi there,

    Brand new to this site, and am a soon to be convert from PC to Mac. I'm looking into buying a Macbook Pro, as the 5 year old Compaq I use is too glitchy and not dependable for the music production I'm interested in getting into. In my research into the mbp, I noticed a quote regarding the battery on the Mac website:

    "...Apple engineers custom-designed lithium-polymer cells to create the largest possible battery, then they went even further: They built the battery right into the computer, eliminating the space-consuming mechanisms and housings that standard removable batteries require."

    My question is this: what happens when the battery finally dies? Can it really not be removed and replaced years down the road? Or is it just not a quick-release mechanism, requiring some tinkering to get it out?

    Any thoughts?


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    The 17 inch Pro is not user replaceable. However it is replaceable. The 15 inch pros are user replaceable.

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    Thanks for the info!

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    The battery replacement is $139 (can't remember exactly) or something, but it has to be done in store.

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