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    Unhappy Memory
    Im trying to upgrade the memory of my G4 1.07mhz ibook, which currently has a 256mb built-in and one empty slot. Thing is Im trying to redeem my points off my AMEX card and they have listed tons of manufacturers and specs on their list of posibly memory sellers. Can anybody tell how many pins is supposed to be in the memory I get? Apple site only says 512mb PC2100 DDR 266 SO-DIMM. Im thinking either 512mb, or 1gb.
    Also, is 512mb my only choice for the empty slot or I can drop in a 1gb?
    I can probably, as stated here on other treads, go to the crucial site, etc and get the specific memory for my application, but, like i said earlier, Im trying to redeem those points from AMEX.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    It is 200 pin

    You can drop in a 1gb stick
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    are you limited as to where you can spend those point? because usually has a lot better prices than at apples web site

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    What happens is when I try to redem my points it shows me a long #@$@ list of memory sticks by manufacturer and specs. But Im not sure what to look for exactly.
    Thanks for the rapid response!!!
    So, should i look for either 256mb, 512mb, or 1gb, right?
    And, as far as PC, 2100, 2700, or 3200, right?
    And finally, DDR must be 266?
    Pins, 200 only, right?

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    You can use a chip rated at either PC2100, 2700, or 3200. Anything rated at greater than PC2100 will not show any difference. Most of the time the price between these three are negligible.

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    I found this at through the AMEX site:
    Corsair Value Select - Memory - 512 MB - SO DIMM 200-pin - DDR - 266 MHz / PC2100
    Manufacturer*Corsair Memory
    Estimated Lowest Price*$89.99 minus $59.59(points) final cost $30.40

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    ^ yeah, thats the stuff alright

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