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    after installing new hard drive
    i installed a new toshiba 20gb hard drive in my wallstreet mac but when i boot the system with my OS cd(i tried os 9, 10.1 and 10.2)and am asked to select a destination volume, their is nothing to select. i hooked up everything right, so what am i supposed to do? how do i install osx onto a new hard drive? just so you know i baught the hard drive at compusa and it didn't come with any manuals or cd's.

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    I seen another post on this topic the other day, it has something to do with the jumper settings on the hard drive. While, usually, you can just set the jumper to Master Drive and be done, Apple (from what I read) actually shorts out the two pins which basically forces the drive to be in MasterDrive mode. I can't seem to find the thread at the moment but I'm sure a Google search may give you more insight.
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