Got a problem turning on my G4 "POWER" book 15" Aluminium!


It's the second time I've had a "smoking" power adapter (barrel type) which I thought was annoying enough in itself. Anyway after ordering in my 3rd I discovered that this new power adapter didn't work and another I tried neither.

The green recharge light on the side of the computer does light for about a second on initial plug-in; then turns to orange for a second before going out.

I must unplug at the mains to replicate the light illuminating. Hence I reckon power adapter(s) is working fine as power is obviously getting to computer all-be-it for a second.

Tried resetting PRAM and PMU, but theres just no power to turn the computer on.

Just wondering if anyone else has had the problem and had any solutions?

Possible ideas I have:
DC port (I guess is working because light works even if only for a second)
DC board
Logic board (I hope not)
Something else

I just don't know: please help