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Thread: screen failing

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    Unhappy screen failing
    Hi guys, I'm new here.

    My boyfriend dropped his ibook a while back, and the screen has come away a little from the frame at the bottom. It was still working fine, but we were concerned about the gap between the frame and the screen, which is worse when the screen is being pushed open. Since then, the screen would occasionally flicker/go black, and we had to move the screen a little to get the display back. We thought it was probably a loose connection, and considered putting some glue in to seal the gap, but didn't in case that made matters worse.

    Last night, even adjusting it wasn't making the display come back properly, the only way we could get it to come back was if it was halfway closed and we pushed on the back (at the side) of the screen a little, presumably helping to close the gap.

    I've read some similar problems in another mac forum, and I've gathered that the problem could be a couple of things. At the moment we're totally broke, and my boyfriend needs the laptop for his work. He's really panicking that it might break completely.

    Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated.

    Also, if the screen does fail completely, could you tell me about connecting it to a monitor - do you need to change any settings or anything, or does the display just swap to the monitor automatically when you plug the cable in? He's worried that he'd need to click something, but obviously won't be able to if the screen has failed!

    Thanks guys.

    ibook G4 14" model number: A1134

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    I can't really help you with the dying monitor part, other then you may have to open it up to see what's wrong.

    But if you do have a connect it to another screen, it automatically senses that screen and sends the image over, no clicking or anything involved.
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    The best thing to do is get a new screen. You can live with a damaged one for awhile, but it just gets weaker and problems start to become more noticeable.
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