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    Question MacBook Touchpad - double click to drag
    Hi all - I've been enjoying my new MacBook for a couple of months now, and the switch from Windows has been as painless as promised. I do have one questions about the touchpad that someone may be able to help me with.

    I have searched the forum, but can't seem to find an answer...

    I've enabled the double click to drag - as I find this the best way to re-size windows (I know, I know - I'm trying to let go of this quite windows-ey habit ) and move stuff around, but when I let go of the Touchpad and then go back on, click to drag still seems enabled for a short while.

    It's only one or two seconds, but it does feel like a long time. I guess the question is "Is there a way to reduce the time between letting go of the touchpad and the Mac realising that I want to do something else?"

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    I know what you're talking about. There isn't really anyway to shut that off. I'm not completely sure why it does this, but after you tap twice and lift your finger off, the double-tap is still active. So if you do it right, you can lift your finger and then set it back down without deactivating the double-tap (which it sounds like you're really good at, lol). The only suggestion I could give you is to just tap the pad once before trying to use the mouse again. It should deactivate the double-tap and thus you will be able to move the mouse and not the window.

    I hope this helps!

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    thanks for this. it's quite a good tip - once you get used to double tapping out of a double tap to drag... thanks again.

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