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    Jan 15, 2005
    keyboard scratching screen
    does the keyboard still scratch the screen on the new ibooks?
    i have been using a thin piece of foam that the ibook shipped with, and i cover the keyboard each time, it is getting annoying to have to carry it around.

    do you guys still cover uyour keyboards?

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    Never heard of the problem on the iBook, only Powerbooks. A guy at my office has the problem now, in fact.

    My iBook screen shows no sign of the scratching problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caribiner23
    Never heard of the problem on the iBook, only Powerbooks. A guy at my office has the problem now, in fact.

    My iBook screen shows no sign of the scratching problem.

    I've been using that Marware neoprene protector thing. I'm all paranoid about scratches. Anyone else not using one have any scratches?

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    I use this for my PowerBook, they also have them for the iBook. Doubles as a screen cleaner.
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    I havnt has the problem with my ibook. but a guy in my work did have the problem with his powerbook.

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    you can also try iSkin too...

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    No scratching on my PB screen. I just kept the thin sheet of foam packed with my PB when new, and place that on the keyboard every time I close it. Not pretty, but it works.

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    There is no issue with my iBook keyboard scratching the screen. There is also a space between the screen and the keyboard (maybe 1/16 of inch) so the screen never closes 'ONTO' the keyboard.

    No problems for me..

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    A little pressure (such as in a loaded bookbag) and the gap will close though. I use the screensavrz and even then I get light marks on my 12" PB, but not scratches. Wiping the screen removes them.

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    Never had any problems with the screen on my ibook and I have had it for over a year now and take it everywhere. Their is a good gap with the ibooks, it was only the powerbooks that suffered a problem in the past. The ibooks never have !!!

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    I believe the screen touching the keyboard is more prevalent, in the powerbook line than the iBook line. The little rubber cushions on the iBook are bigger than the ones on the powerbook. In my case the tiny rubber cushions melted off, so I don't have any. Since I keep a piece of cloth between the screen and the keyboard when my system is closed, I don't have the problem. I also notice the gap between the screen and keyboard on the powerbook is smaller than on the iBook.
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    I think it would also be easier to scratch teh screen on the PB because the aluminum can bend and the screen can touch the keyboard. where as the plastic iBook is really tough and not flexible as much

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