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    Stuck in CD slot
    Oh dear. My 2 yr old daughter has just gone and stuck my two credit cards in the CD slot of my MacBook Pro. Is there an easy way of retrieving them?


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    I guess that's one way to lower credit card spending.

    As a precaution before attempting to remove the credit cards, power down and remove the battery from the machine. See if you can gently jiggle the machine to loosen the credit cards. Then use something that's not metallic to slide in the slot and see if you can move the cards around. Sometimes a long narrow ladies tweezer with some tape around the tips might be able to reach in and grasp a card one at a time.

    Just be careful not to damage the optical light or slot mechanism. You might also try a long thin plastic ruler with double sided tape on it. You may be able to grasp a card with the tape and remove it that way.

    If the credit cards are solidly jammed in the drive, there's probably not much that can be done except to remove the drive first. If you're handy, you may be able to do that yourself. If not, it's going to be an expensive repair at the Apple store.

    Do it yourself instructions to change remove drive: Go to iFixit: iPod, iBook, & PowerBook Parts and Accessories


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    I managed to get a CD stuck in my MBP.

    What had actually happened (the Apple tech said), was that a brand new CD from a stack of new ones, had a thin plastic sheet attached to it (it was the last one of a previous stack).

    Of course, I didn't notice and once in, it wouldn't come out.

    I took it to my nearest Apple store which was 20 miles away. They took it into their workshop and released it for me. They didn't charge me anything at all. Now THAT was due to me. I'm sure, if you explain what happened they may well be very understanding. You are not necessarily going to get a big bill - obviously depends where you are geographically (I'm in UK).
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