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    i could have gotten 2 pbooks for the price of one!!!!
    so the story goes like this: long story short. order powerbook online.. received it a week later - scratch on it.. get an exchange.. 2 weeks later i get a replacement.. yet another scratch on it.. call to complain.. they "tell" me that my replacement was not even shipped out - i didin't even get a confirmation email about my order (get tracking no etc.) so anywho, they're telling me that i got "someone" elses powerbook.. and that now i have to ship my current "wrongfully delivered" laptop back..

    so yeah.. had i kept my mouth shut i would've gotten two laptops.. cuz the replacement i was suppose to receive is on it's way to be delivered as well..

    sooo... i should've just shut my trap - i was hoping to get an ipod out of this when i first complained- but i think they're doing a cover up.. so they dont have to lose out on anything.. but i think i can still get some kind of "compensation" out of this - lol - i'm a greedy *******.. but seriously it sucks to wait 3 wks to get another lousy laptop with a weird scratch on the same **** place - and no this is not the laptop i sent in from before..

    its a conspiracy i tell ya'.. i'm gonna ask about this "cover up" to the customer service guy who's suppose to call me back..

    apple - you're the greatest

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    Or they would have figured it out, and trust me they [b]would[/w] figure it out and charge your ***.
    But yeah, kudos to you. hopefully your pbook is back and in great working order.

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    Wow, the first that comes to was. Were but powerbooks the same and was the scratch on the same spot on both? Also it sound like to me that the person who is packing the boxes musc have a new ring and scratching quite a few powerbooks in the final packing process. That person is causing great greif to many people.

    I happy that you were honest, because I can truely say what comes around goes around. I have seen this for my self.

    Hopefully you will see your pristine powerbook soon.
    Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain!

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    Nov 10, 2004
    Toronto, Canada
    stock 17" 2.8ghz unibody mbp.
    actually the replacement has a weird "scratch" too.. well it's not really scratch i managed to rub it off with my nail gently everyday.. i was goign to get it exchanged as well but i didn't want to wait so i kept it and tehy compensated by giving me iworks.. which in my opinion pretty useless to me (oh well)

    and apparently the one that i received was my actualy replacement except they sent it out before they processed it on the databases ><

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