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    Question need help with new powerbook/ichat issue
    i just picked up a brand new 15" powerbook last night...well i'll just get straight to the point. whenever i have ichat open, and set the computer to sleep, i guess ichat signs off and then signs back on upon computer waking back up. ichat also signs off when i close the screen to the powerbook.

    so my question is, is there anyway i can have ichat or instant messenger stay signed on while my computer sleeps. it seems kinda pointless for an away message to be put up only to know that your computer will go to sleep after 15 minutes of being afk and then your instant messenger signs you off. i don't get it. any solutions? :bone:

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    There was another thread on this a while back, and it didn't yield any solutions to your problem.

    What don't you get about it though? I find that it's a real help. On Linux and Windows when I shut the lid of my laptop the messenger didn't log off and I ended up having people think I'm ignoring them or something because I didn't respond.

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    sleep is sleep, the system powers down and most things will be turned off. if it bugs you that much, just turn off sleep completely in Energy Saver and have it only turn off the display (you'll still have to keep the lid open).

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