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Thread: Ibook g3 700mhz + new hd issues

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    Ibook g3 700mhz + new hd issues
    hey all

    our accountants personal Ibook packed it in - she went to get it fixed and they wanted $300 USD to replace what they said was a dead HD - okay she bring it to me, no prob

    buy a new hitachi 60g 7200RPM HD - take the sucker apart put it in - put in the install CD for pather - k, install load when it comes to choose what HD to install on - it shows nothing

    mm, k, it is not picky up the HD....

    put in the old suppsoedlt dead HD - turn it on - it books to the screen with the circle an line through ot - basically meaning i assume no HD - k, the little circle at the bottom keeps spinning but does not load panther

    1. what button do i press to tell the Ibook to boot from cd ?
    2. what are the chances the HD controller on the ibook mobo is dead?
    3. can this laptop work with a 7200 RPm drive? from reading around i understood it did.
    4. do i have to format this new drive somehow before putting it into the MAC ?

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    pkay hold C after chime for boot from cd

    1 down 3 to go

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    okay with the new hitachi drive - got the case open, i can feel it spin up and it seems like the computer is trying to "seek" on it, but it just doesnt show up in the panther install

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Guvernment
    okay with the new hitachi drive - got the case open, i can feel it spin up and it seems like the computer is trying to "seek" on it, but it just doesnt show up in the panther install
    Get one of those cheap tiny 2.5 external USB and or Firewire external cases and see if the drive shows up on one of those busses. If it does, then you may have a bad HD controller.

    As for questions 3 and 4



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    I just upgraded my ibook g4 with the exact same hard drive. I can't remember where I read it, but I believe that for the original hard drive, two of the jumper pins are shorted so that it is the "master" ide drive. The Apple connector cable shorts two of the jumpers by default and is not easily modified. On the hitachi drive, none of the pins are shorted for the "master" setting. Connecting it to the Apple cable shorts two jumpers removing the needed "master" setting.

    Look at the hard drive's pins, with the label side facing up.

    There is a group of 44 pins on the left and a group of 4 pins on the right.

    Break off ( I know this sounds counter-intuitive ) the lower-right pin in the group of four pins. This will make the drive "master". It's much easier to break off the pin than to figure out how to modify the Apple connector cable to achieve the same result.

    Anyway, it worked for me.

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    ^^^ i see - yes i tried the 7200 RPM drive in my dell and it worked great - i have another 40g 4200 RPm HD i can try first

    As for the HD cable - it does not actually connect to the last 2 far right pin - the black plug only connects to the first 2 PINs, i can try to adjust that pin and try it that way - just incase since this is a g3.

    wish me luck i I WILL make this work darn it!

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    Well nothing worked - tried shorting out the right 2 pins, bent down the left lower pin nothing.

    tried my 5400 RPM 60g HD in it - nothing

    if the hard drive controller - would the CDROM drive not work as well since they are on the same cable? i can boot from the cdrom perfectly - it just will not pick up the HD

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    helpppppppppppp anyone

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