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    hard drive making noise?
    just recently i've noticed my hard drive making a sorta clicking sound. like a double click or a spinning down noise. i have heard this before when i first bought my iBook but it seems to do it more often now. anyone else hear this w/their iBook? a guy at the apple store said he thinks its normal as other people have come in the store talking about the same noise.

    i know its not the click of death its more of a spinning sound i should say. thanks

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    Desolate One
    Does your iBook(HDD) experience this while at rest? Ie; when you're not doing anything and just reading something on the net or whilst the screen saver on?

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    my PowerBook makes those noise all the time (double-click and spin down). It's normal, but more noticeable in a very quiet environment--while at school I never hear it

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    yeah this completely normal he's right only in quiet areas...but one sound that's heart wrenching is when you put a CD in..when I first got my iBook I thought I had broken

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