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Thread: How do you clean iBook screen?

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    How do you clean iBook screen?
    For the simple dust that collects on the screen I use a simple soft cloth, but for those finger prints (that somehow get there meanwhile I never touch the screen) what do you use..a soft lightly damp wet cloth?

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    dirrrrty screen?
    I've heard not to use windex or anything with ammonia. I usually just use a damp cloth, but if you have stubborn greasy fingerprints I have used rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball but only very rarely. I have had my iBook for allmost a year now and no problems with my screen thus far.

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    Sounds like you have screen-gnomes roaming around in your house at night.

    IBM has always recommended a 50/50 mix of water and isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). I have had many different laptops and this has always worked for me. I also have a special cloth that I bought at CompUSA which won't scratch the screen.

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    buy some Monster iClean - all your worries will be gone!

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    I use a cleaning brush thing that I've had for years for cleaning vinyl records, works a treat.

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    I use iKlear. Got it from the Apple Store and it works great.
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    i also "hear" that product Ice Creame takes out all the fine scratches/scuff marks on the iBook. Never tried it but i read that it does work wonders. I think the local Apple stores are now carrying it.

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