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    Need advice, what to add to my MBA ... a 24" ACD or buy new iMac?
    I have the MacBook Air 1.8 / 128 SSD and now have the 24" ACD monitor it's a nice set up, but I can't help but think of another possible option that I may like more ...

    I'm considering returning the ACD and exchanging it for the 24" iMac and I'd use the iMac along with my MBA.

    I like typing on my MBA and using the trackpad, being able to move it around the office, house or desk in a second and not being tethered to the monitor is nice, I know its only two plugs but ...

    Having an iMac to use along with the MBA has many benefits, the obvious is it's a separate computer, lol, ... but you can leave the MBA on it's own at all times, use them together, lots of extra storage space, also to run windows on via boot camp on the iMac etc ....

    It's about $900 more, for many many more benefits. I love the 24" ACD monitor but can't help thinking of the added benefits of the iMac for not a whole lot more money mine be worth it and sort of complete my system, best of both worlds...

    What would you do?

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    I think that you should go for the iMac. If you had a MBP I wouldn't bother but as the MBA has such limited storage and power. If you have the cash do it.
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