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    Third speaker in 12"/ 15" PB... where?

    "Built-in stereo speakers with midrange-enhancing third speaker (12-inch and 15-inch models) "

    Where is it? does this mean three on each side, or three total? Anyone found a link to a visual of this?


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    its most likely 3 total.

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    U of Penn. has an article here:
    "The PowerBook's right- and left-channel speakers are located in the back right and left corners of the base, respectively, while the midrange-enhancing third speaker occupies the back-middle area of the base under the display hinge."

    MacFixIt has an article for subscribers which notes that the mid range speaker is located off center, and causes off balance speaker output:

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    I had my new 15" open the other day (don't ask) and the third speaker is right underneath the "h" key on the keyboard. It's very small, and points straight up. Kinda weird...
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