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    Feb 09, 2005
    Out for delivery!
    Thank God.

    My new 12"iBook is now out for delivery.

    Just a matter of time.

    tick tock, tick tock..........

    Its gonna be a long afternoon studying! :robot:

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    Watch a movie, do something with your friends - just keep yourself occupied or you'll go crazy waiting around for it!

    Just make sure someone is there to answer the door

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    i called the shipping company and told them i wanted to pick it up. So i didnt have to wait. The only problem with that was i was driving to my grandmothers house ( the closest house i would think of) and i was speeding. i was tring to open the 5 boxes it is shipped inso i could get a sneak peak. ahh.. when i made it there. !!!!

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    Feb 09, 2005
    ........ I dont believe this.

    It has gone back to the depot.

    The driver called me at 11.15 saying he would be here in 30mins. He asked for directions.
    I gave him directions and he said he would be there soon.

    4hours passed!!!! still no delivery.

    I ring TNT, they say the driver was unable to find my house.

    This cant be true. I live in the country and I gave him perfect directions.. he was in the nearest town just 10mins away.

    He just doesnt like the bother of driving out of town because I rang TNT and asked to talk to him. I asked him where did he go to find my house and he wasn't able to tell me!

    TNT dont really seem to care.

    Apple dont say too much either.......... I told them I was sending it back when I got it.

    I have stayed in all day waiting for him because e said he was delivering.

    what now??????????????????????????

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    Now you were waiting for it.. very excited.. and you're going to send it back? Am I the only one that is having a hard time understanding that?

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    Feb 09, 2005
    I know......

    Id just love to see the TNT driver have to go to the bother of bringing it back!

    Anyway..... I have cooled down a little bit now and I think ill keep it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by iRock
    Id just love to see the TNT driver have to go to the bother of bringing it back!
    The driver won't care-- he still gets paid whether you take it or not.

    As long as you've contacted the depot, isn't there any way you can pick it up there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by caribiner23
    The driver won't care-- he still gets paid whether you take it or not.

    As long as you've contacted the depot, isn't there any way you can pick it up there?

    Problem is the Depot is in Dublin. Thats 2hours drive from my house..... neye:

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    HuMpS 97 DoHc
    when i had a keyboard and icurve shipped to me I wasn't allowed to pick it up. they told me it had to be delivered some stipulation that apple put on it. maybe thats just in canada though.

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    had very similar problems
    My iBook G4 took forever too, Apple doesnt seem to use very competent shipping companies. The FedEx company lost mine for 3 days, and I called them enough over those three days to make them want to find it and have me stop calling. They actually loaded the FedEx Ground shipment onto a FedEx Express truck because Ground doesnt ship on Mondays, I dont think they liked me very much...

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    apple is horrible with shipping
    when i ordered my ibook G4 about 1 1/2 months ago i figured it would take longer cause of the holidays..but not as long as it took. the first thing that pissed me off was when the driver for Fed-Ex lied and said he attempted a drop-off meanwhile the time he "attempted" was the time I was in front of my house calling up Fed-Ex screaming at them cause it was a half hour till the deadline for that day. Never came. Finally 2 days later (14 days from ordering it) it came. Apple has to change shipping partners. UPS (what shipped my mouse) was prompt and effiecient ..much better than Fed-Ex a company that is supposed to be defined in their name. EXPRESS..but fast there not....

    P.S. they must have to train people to stay calm over the phone cause when your trying to yell at them and be nasty they always keep their voices at the minimum. it makes you almost feel

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    everytime i order somehting, it is with UPS and takes only a few days, and they have no troubles... never treid Fed Ex though, but i just ordered a mac so it will probably be slow shipping.

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    FedEx takes a *lot* more time than UPS does in my experiences, but I've had more problems with UPS breaking packages in transit. So, really it comes down to speed vs. reliability. I'd rather wait an extra day or two getting a product instead of getting it faster but finding out that it's broken and having to send it back... which takes longer than going the slow reliable route.

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    I guess the TNT guys are prompt in this part of the world. The reason it takes so long to come is cause it is assembled in shanghai and in my case shipped to Luxembourg and from there to Bristol through another transit point.

    It took 11 days for mine to arrive. I guess it takes more time to arrive if one configures it for some mod specs like the bluetooth etc.or else it is shipped within 24 hours.

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