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    DSL package help!
    Hi everyone

    I was just surfing the net thinking,...... when will dsl ever be available to me and then I saw a post by someone about Direcnet..... I dont think Its available in my country.

    But!... I did a google and found this site:

    I was wondering could someone advise me on it? and if it is good what would be the best package? as I am on the net almost every hour on the weekend when I am home from college.

    Heavy downloads etc and Also will this work with my new iBook??//

    Thanks alot


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    it says on the website that they do not support MAC! Sorry! What country are you in?

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    Crap... I didnt see that.

    Im in Ireland

    What do you think is my best option?? DSL is not in my area and wont be for a while!

    Im going insane!


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    .... how would they know if you were running a mac. i mean. i have really searched alot into this becasue thhe city i live in is coverd in hotspots but yea.

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    It may not be the fact of thed connection that isn't compatible with Mac it's the email program they use. Verizon Online DSL here in New York City says it's not compatible with MAC but thats because they use MSN Premium as email..but if your using it for only a connection then it works..

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    I think it was me that recomended satelitte, the modem they use right now is a usb modem.... It has to have a software interface on the computer to connect, and I forgot it is only for the PC right now, bummer. Our dish network guy told us they are going into the internet in a month or so and it will have a real router and connect via ethernet, making it a real DHCP client just as DSL is. Again I don't know if dish network is in your country either though. I guess you could just move? lol

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    DISH NETWORK .. did you happen to find out the pricing for the new internet service. i think direct TV is rather expensive. DV'SIBOOK thanks for calryfing that up for me

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