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    I have been trying to turn on the backlight on my powerbook but I can't figure out where to turn it on. The Mac Help says the contol is in system preferences under Keyboard and Mouse. I have looked here and I can't find it. Any Ideas?

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    If you have a 12", then it doesn't have a backlight. They don't really tell you that anywhere, but it's only on the larger models. I tried to figure that one out once, too.

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    Even on the 15" only the top models have keyboard backlight...

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    I have a PB 1.33 15 incher I just purchased it at the beginning of september. How do you know if its the top of the line or not?

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    Right now with the powerbooks, both 15" models have the backlit keyboard. before they updated, didn't the second 15" model (superdrive) have the backlit keyboard.? I think that is what avalon is referring to.

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