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    OK, getting a PB 17 now a couple questions...
    I know, MORE QUESTIONS....

    Well I am getting a PB17 1.5/512/80.

    Is there a way to unlock the DVD and make it region free? I have lots of European DVDs region 2 and would like to play both reg 1 and 2.

    What are the best DVD ripping and burning programs?

    Is there a way to rip a French DVD and add subtitles, then burn it so my American friends can watch it?

    Where can I find the driver that allows the 2 fingers scroll?

    Should I upgrade to 1Mb of Ram?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Not sure about unlocking the DVD.

    Good ripping: MacTheRipper + dvd2one
    Burning: you can use disk utility, which is in the utilities folder.

    You can probably rip a French DVD, but I don't know how you can add subtitles... especially if they weren't on teh dvd origininally.

    I would hope you have at least 1Mb ram... but what are you going to realy do w/ your laptop? 512 should be fine if it's just your home PC. 1gb would really be usefull for video editing/audio editing/image editing or any other very processor intensive activities.

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    Thx for the quick answer...

    No the subtittles are not on the original DVD, which also happens to be pal.

    I want to translate the movie and add the subtitles.

    And yeah, 1Mb it is.

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