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    Water 'incident' macbook screen black when battery in
    I swear I am ALWAYS careful around my macbook. Although yesterday I spilt the tinniest amount of water on the bottom left side of my keyboard and quickly picked it up and drained out the water that had landed on it. No problems (or so I thought), macbook kept working and I wasn't even worried that there would be any consequences. This was around lunchtime. Continued to use the macbook all afternoon and in the evening had settled into bed to watch a few episodes of Lost. On our 3rd episode in after about 30 minutes the macbook just shut down. I thought it was strange considering we didn't receive a battery low warning notice, but jumped up to get the charger. I plugged it in and re-started the macbook. Everything still fine. Once the macbook was back on I noticed that the battery symbol in the top right of the screen had an x in it and the charge cable was on green, instead of orange. We started the Lost episode from where we had ended and watched it through until the end. I shut down the macbook then as we went to bed and left the charger in overnight. I woke up in the morning and went to turn my macbook on but the only thing that happened was the little white flashing light was on and the driver sounded like it was initialising but no action on the screen and no welcome noise. I tried this a few times but achieved nothing. It was around this point that I had a flashback to my water 'incident' and wondered if it had had a bigger impact than what I'd given it credit for. I took it down to the repair shop and explained the situation. That was yesterday. I picked it up today and they told me they had never seen anything like this before... the macbook is fully operational only when the battery is completely removed from the unit. If you have the macbook on when it is under power direct from the mains and you insert the battery the screen goes completely black (although if you look really REALLY hard you can still see the picture is there), take the battery out and presto! the picture returns. I am hoping someone can give me some advice on how to get my baby back to 100% and promise to take even better care of her from now on! Look forward to hearing from everyone

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    The "tiniest" bit of water you spilled possibly damaged the logic board which just happens to reside below the keyboard. I'm surprised the repair shop you took it to didn't mention that possibility to you. Were they an authorized Apple repair service facility?

    I don't know for sure if that's the cause, but there have been numerous posts regarding spills (large spills, small spills, so on) of water and other liquids in the area where your spill occurred. Most of them wound up damaging the logic board in some way which predicated its replacement.


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    Thanks very much for your response and advice. I am currently living in Grenada and the Apple repair service here is not as good as I would have hoped, hence my turning to this website! Will give it a few more days and see if there is any improvement, then look at how to go about replacing the logic board... Thanks again

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