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Thread: New iBook user

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    New iBook user

    I've just bought a new iBook (G4 1.33 14"), very pleased with my purchase. I've seen how good the responses for other peoples questions and as I had one or two myself, I hoped you may be able to help me.

    1. Is it possible to import the audio from a regular dvd into itunes (aac files). I have quite a few stand-up dvds that I would like tto listen to on my ipod.

    2. Does anyone user the Griffin PowerMate, what are your views on it. I work with very long documents in Word and Excel and seems it would be useful but its pretty pricey (40ish).

    3. I am able to get a free university copy of Virex (sp.) is it worth getting virus software, I read somewhere that it can really slow the computer down (I have 512mb RAM).

    4. Is it possible to get a Fortran compiler running through OS X.

    Thanks in advance.

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    As far as getting DVD audio, i just use audio hijack. It might not be the easiest method out there, but it works. I like to rip the speech from movies so that I can listen to the movie through the car stereo on roadtrips. If you've seen the movie before, it's almost just like watching it, it really passes the time.

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    At the moment their are no viruses for OSX so their is no need to install virus software but this can always change in the future. If its a version that can be updated so not an OEM version then I'd do it but not install it, then at least if a virus does come along you can update the software at a good price and protect your system. Lets hope that viruses are never written for OSX but that could be wishful thinking.

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