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    Want to transfer HDD from 15 inch to 17 inch MBP
    O.K. here is the scenario:

    I have a new 15 inch MBP 2.53 ghz (Unibody) but want to upgrade to 17 inch MBP 2.66 ghz (Unibody).

    My question is, can I simply take my HDD from the 15 inch MBP and put it into the 17 inch MBP?

    I am a music producer and have a lot of files/programs I need to transfer. When I upgraded to the new unibody I used the firewire 800 port to transfer all my data but it did not go very smoothly. A lot of stuff did not work, other things just did not make it so I had to spend lots of time fixing it and I would like to avoid that scenario this time around.

    Anyway, I am thinking that the hardware should be pretty similar and should work nice and easy…Am I just dreaming?

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    You can certainly physically move the HDD from your 15" to your 17" MBP but you're talking about a lot of work and possibly damaging either machine in the process.

    What I suggest you do is this:

    Purchase a cloning program - either SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner. Clone (copy) the contents of your 15" HDD to an external USB or FW drive. Either program will render the external bootable.

    Attach the external (clone of 15") to your new 17" MBP. Boot from the external drive, and clone its contents to the 17" HDD. You might also wish to use the program to copy the contents of the 17" HDD to another drive if there's something on it you wish to keep.

    Just one way of doing it. I'm sure someone else can provide additional suggestions other than physically moving the drives.


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