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    Hey guys, I had a question about switchin out my hard drive in my macbook. I have a new hard drive in mind that I want, but I was wondering about installing it a little different way than usual. I do not have Leopard on my current hard drive, so would it work if just put all my media (music, videos, documents, ect.) on my external hard drive, installed the new hard drive, then install Leopard onto the new hard drive, and than transfer my files from my external onto the new hard drive? It seems like it should work, I just wanted to have some experts make sure before I spend a whole bunch of money on a new hard drive and Leopard. Thanks.

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    As long as it is just data files and media there should be no issue. I move files between Leopard and yes Windows on my Macbook with no problem. I have beent thinking of swapping my small 160GB for a larger drive as well.
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